About me

About me

Daniel Ariño is a classical pianist, composer and improviser. In 2008 he obtained a Professional Degree in Piano at the Music Conservatoire of Santiago de Compostela with honors. In 2014, he graduated in Classical and Contemporary Performing at ESMuC –Superior School of Music of Catalonia– in the specialty of Piano, receiving an Honors Award for his final project “XX Visiones Fugitivas, XXI Miradas Furtivas“, in which he intertwines his perfoming and composing skills. In 2017 he obtains a Master of Advanced Studies in Classical & Contemporary Performance at the same institution with Distinction of Honor for his master’s degree final projectLeviathan Sonata” where he brings into play again all his facets.

He has been trained pianistically with Xavier Barbeta, Eulalia Solé and Alexander Gold and has received masterclasses from figures such as Olga Shemushina, Claudio Martínez-Mehner, Josep Colom, Almudena Cano, José Ramón Méndez Menéndez, Matthijs Verschoor, Peter Donohoe and Paul Roberts, among others. He has participated in several international piano courses such as Chetham’s International Piano Summer School, Ambialet International Piano Summer School or the International Music School Princess of Asturias Foundation.

He has become acquainted with jazz through musicians such as Albert Bover, Paul “Harry” Harris and especially Ignasi Terraza, from whom he received regular guidance at ESMuC (17-18). He has been trained in classical and contemporary music improvisation with Karst de Jong, Douglas Finch and, mainly, with Ph. D. Emilio Molina, head of the IEM –Instituto de Educación Musical-. Since 2015 he is involved as a teacher in the IEM Teacher Training Courses organized at Liceu Conservatory.

He cultivates with special interest the genre of lied, studying the French, German, English, Catalan and Spanish repertoire with professors Francisco Poyato and Alan Branch, later approaching with mezzo-soprano Anaïs Masllorens a wide variety of iconic lied cycles -R. Schumann, V. Williams, H. Berlioz, G. Mahler- at different venues in Barcelona -MUHBA, RACBA, etc.-.

In 2016 Pianos Puig hosts “El nus la flor” world premiere: an original cycle by D. Ariño of about 50 min. of duration for singing voice -Maria Mauri-, speaking voice -Enric Casasses- and piano, based on texts by E. Casasses himself. Receiving a warm welcome from the general public and the critics, “El nus la flor” has toured through Catalonia since then, occupying a prominent place in festivals such as “Barcelona Poesia”, “Poesia i +” or “Fira Litterarum” and being performed in iconic venues such as the Terrassa Jazz Cava, Jamboree, Palau de la Música and Monestir de Pedralbes. “El nus la flor” has recently been published by Edicions Poncianes in collaboration with Edicions Albert Moraleda, accompanying the eponymous book by E. Casasses, and has received attention from media such as Vilaweb, Núvol, Ara, Betevé, Radio Catalunya or 3/24.

His curiosity for contemporary chamber music has led him to premiere works by emerging artists such as “12 Preludis per a dos pianos a distància de quart de to” by Guillem Góngora, with Lara Magriña, or En forma de Cadáver Exquisito” by Alejandro Arrocha, with Trio Nox. He has also tackled works by acclaimed authors, such as the “Atlantic Trio” by Joan Albert Amargós -1st Prize at the XVIII Arjau Contest in the category of “Catalan Music from the XXth and XXIst c.”– and, more recently, the “Quatuor pour la Fin du Temps” by Olivier Messiaen, with Quartet Lîla -Festival Música als Parcs Barcelona 2017-.

He combines his creative and performing endeavour with his labour as a piano teacher and accompanying pianist at the Escola de Música Joan Llongueres and at the EMV, a music school linked to the Liceu. Recently, Ariño has released his solo piano debut, ”Cosmogonies” (Edicions Albert Moraleda, 2018).